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5 ways to better lead teams when you are hard to please

Leadership is one of the most important skills one can possess. There are countless ways one can lead, but you cannot lead without others. Leaders are meant to create an environment of safety, trust, and respect. When this is not the case, it can have a negative impact on the morale of the team. Toxic leadership can make the team feel like they are not valued and can cause a level of frustration.

Some hard-to-please leaders can create a toxic environment for those who lead.  Toxic leadership is a leadership style that has a negative effect on the organization, employees, and the individual. It is a form of leadership that may lead to poor decision-making, unethical behavior, micromanagement, and high-stress levels.  They are usually unaware of their leadership style’s effect on their employees or the organization. Hard-to-please leaders can be found in all types of organizations, but they have a few things in common.  They usually.

  1. Oversimplify what needs to be done
  2. Set goals that are unachievable.
  3. Focus only on the work, not on the impact it makes.
  4. It is their way or the highway.
  5. Are not relationship oriented.

If you are one of these leaders, you should consider how you are making your team’s workplace feel. When you are creating a safe workplace, it is easier to be productive.

My friend and fellow executive coach Tutti Taygerly and I wrote our thoughts on this Fast Company Article; please take a quick look

Not every leader is perfect, but we all have the capacity to get better. If you understand how your behavior impacts your team, you are on your way to becoming a better leader.

Luis Velasquez MBA, PhD

Luis is a leadership coach, employee engagement expert, and management trainer. Formerly a University professor and research scientist, Luis holds a dual Ph.D. from Michigan State University; and an MBA in Organizational Leadership.

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