Individual Coaching

Individual leadership coaching for executives and high-potentials

Velas Coaching coaches help leaders better understand what their organization defines as a success profile and how others perceive them relative to that profile. By integrating these two components, leaders are able to achieve a positive, sustainable, and measurable result at a personal, interpersonal, and organizational level.

Our flagship coaching program follows the highly successful, process-oriented coaching program of Marshall Goldsmith, the number one executive coach in the world.

Top Benefits

  • Focus on changing leadership behavior of top executives – the “visible” and “impactful” piece.
  • Real-time, on-the-job process requires no extra-valuable time from busy executives.
  • Emphasis on disciplined execution and consistent follow-up sustains the change and ensures long-term effectiveness. Research shows more than 95% leaders succeed due to this.
  • Engaging the system makes leadership growth translate into practical benefits with regard to how everyone communicates and collaborates.
  • Leaders become coaches using the same process. Those coached can also do the same, resulting in leadership development and the development of a coaching culture.

The Process

The fundamental principles of this particular coaching process are threefold:

  • Attention on the stakeholders – The true leverage points in perceived leadership change are the people who work with the leader every day. Our approach is to turn these stakeholders into the true coaches of the leader who is improving.
  • Emphasis on the future – Most coaching and leadership development focuses on feedback as the key to improvement. Well timed, constructive feedback can be extremely valuable. However, we focus on “Feedforward,” which is asking for suggestions for the future.   You cannot do anything abut the past, but you can do something about the future, thus is the importance of asking for suggestions.
  • Parallel behavior/perception change – Most coaching processes don’t involve stakeholders. Coaches and leaders expect the people around them to notice the change without any prompting. That rarely happens. We focus on the leader’s behavior change and on the perception of the change by the people that are most affected by it.

Guaranteed Results

More than 95% of leaders who have gone through a similar coaching process measurably improve their leadership effectiveness according to their stakeholders. This means that not only do leaders actually improve, but their improvement is recognized by those they work with, powerfully building their personal leadership brand equity.

How are we different from traditional coaching?

  • We guarantee at the outset of the coaching process that the leader will measurably improve as assessed by the leader’s boss, direct reports and/or other stakeholders. Neither the leader nor the coach determines success, stakeholders do.
  • We do not charge hours. Leaders can use as many coaching hours as they require to assure their leadership growth.
  • The process is replicable. Our entire team can coach different individuals with the same positive results.

Here is the pivotal question for leaders and sponsors: If the leader measurably improves in 1-2 leadership growth areas, how much value would that create for the organization? The most common answer of leaders, bosses (sponsors) and HR professionals is: “INVALUABLE.”