Training and Facilitation

The Engaging Leader

The engaging leader management program was designed to help new and existing managers to become the leader that everyone wants to have.

Clearly, the single most important variable in employee engagement is the relationship between employees and their direct managers or supervisors. Two recent studies, at Google and Facebook, have demonstrated that the qualities of a great manager/leader relate to higher levels of employee engagement.

Of course, many other things drive engagement, such as pay, benefits, work culture, etc. It’s clear that these other aspects have a minor role in engagement; the direct manager is the biggest driver of engagement.

According to Gallup, naturally talented managers are rare. Gallup’s research has discovered that only about one in 10 people has the natural talent to be a great manager. Therefore, it is important to support and train new and existing managers and give them the right tools to succeed and to engage their direct reports.

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